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They had seen me like this before, but already they were trying to forget. For some reason, we put off going there as long as we could. That is to say, the rest of the family put off going there … Continue reading

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Moments with Cedric – Siren Song

  While the rest of the family played games or watched something interesting on the loud box in the large front room, there he was alone: stuck at the kitchen table, doing his taxes by himself. To be honest, he … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom with Cedric – April 26, 2013

If you didn’t leave that beautiful, tasty food on the counter just for me to come along and eat (I loved it, by the way), why in the world did you leave it there? This is the kind of wisdom … Continue reading

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Lingering Regrets

It was technically “only a piece of paper” But the loss of that paper has haunted me often over the years. Yesterday, it happened again: another reminder of a single act of carelessness committed over 20 years ago. Yet, undeniably … Continue reading

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Favorite: “Whom Shall I Fear” by Chris Tomlin

This is a song that I can easily listen to four or six times in succession, and sometimes I actually have done that. It’s a good song to listen to when you’re feeling down, consumed with a fit of complaining … Continue reading

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Changing Focus to Change Old Patterns

When you know how the world should be run, it’s awful easy to get into trouble. If I had known years ago the trouble this prideful attitude would import into my life, I would have gotten rid of it right … Continue reading

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The Sampler

As she watched the pattern start developing, Lacey began to wonder: was it too late to make a change? It was a question she was asking more frequently. What to do? Should she try to ignore the whole thing and … Continue reading

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