It hurt me

More than I could say.

The thought came

I could run away:

Just RUN

And leave my pain behind;

Thus, make me

To my promise blind.

But running

Would not fix my mess –

Just summon

More unhappiness.

A promise made

Has bound me close,

For easy tasks

Require no oath.

I wrote this poem yesterday while standing in a long line at the grocery store.  Armed with a small notebook and several pens, I was able to catch the words and lines as they came.

Until yesterday (during another tempest from which I had hoped to hide myself), I had never contemplated the idea that God never asks us to promise to do those things that are easy or fun.  Somehow, those things often come into our daily lives automatically.

On the other hand, those tasks which require faith and long patience regularly seem to need some hefty reinforcement to help us persevere through the difficult times.  On the radio, I often hear a beautiful song which contains the line, “That’s what the promise is for!”  What would happen to us if everyone just did whatever came naturally at the time?  Who can think of this possibility for long without becoming seriously depressed?

Praying for God to help you persevere,


P.S.  Although I meant to post this on my poetry blog,, technical ineptitude on my part slowed the process down, and I think I’ll leave it here.

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