Moments with Cedric “Rabbit Recipes”

In the cool of the early morning, he sat in the sunroom, looking dolefully out the picture window, as he searched the internet for recipes. Specifically, rabbit recipes. Here was one with garlic and some other herbs he liked. This one called for a spit over an open flame. His mouth was watering already. Meantime, several meetings were in session just on the other side of the glass. He wondered what they were talking about. Grimacing to himself, he thought, Me. They are probably talking about ME. And laughing.

If only he had his slingshot! Where had he left it? Had he forgot it again? The housekeepers weren’t too careful about where they stashed his things. Hmm. Maybe he would find it in the front closet. Yes! Right there on the hook inside the door. He grabbed it, and turned to open the front door.

Foiled again! Some scrupulously-careful timid-one had locked every lock. Cedric lacked the manual dexterity to turn even one of them on his own. His rabbit recipe would have to wait.

But he didn’t have to wait to tell the outsiders exactly what he was thinking: “Woof! Woof! Woof!” he yelled as loudly as he was able.

The rabbits outside didn’t even look up. The grass was simply too green and lush here to ignore. Whereas a dog who was trapped indoors… Well, without even making eye contact with them, he could feel their derisive laughter, muffled though it was by their constant crunching and swallowing.

His mistress, who had been sleeping down the hall, was clearly not amused by his rude interruption of her beauty sleep. “Cedric! You crazy puppy!” she shouted. “Come on back to bed! The sun isn’t up yet, and I’m cold.”

Clearly, duty called. Giving the rabbits one last dirty look, he straightened his shoulders and trotted with as much dignity as he could muster down the hall, into the first bedroom on his right, where a warm bed and a pretty girl waited for him. Perhaps missing that recipe was not the worst that could have happened to him.

He quickened his pace, and with a short jump landed in a lump on the far side of the bed. “Good boy, Cedric,” she said, beginning to stroke his neck. He studied the covers, while circumscribing three complete circles under himself. With a sigh, he relaxed and closed his eyes. The rabbits weren’t going anywhere, he told himself. They would still be there when the girl woke up. Wondering when he would catch one, he listened to the sound of his girl breathing ever more slowly and deeply as she drifted back to sleep.

Carefully, he leaned over and licked her cheek only once. There was no need to wake her. He had been on patrol most of the night, and now that the sun was shining again, all the dangers of the night were fading into shadows. Shortly, he would allow himself to fade into a rest of his own, as he slipped slowly out of this beautiful dream he was living into the daydream he had started working on earlier. It was a dog’s life, that much was true. But he was happy to have it.

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