Favorite: “Whom Shall I Fear” by Chris Tomlin

This is a song that I can easily listen to four or six times in succession, and sometimes I actually have done that. It’s a good song to listen to when you’re feeling down, consumed with a fit of complaining that’s hard to shake, or when you have some housework that needs a little extra power to start tackling.

A few months ago, feeling discouraged, I was about to change the channel on the car radio as I drove home. But something stopped me. I am so glad I kept listening, because “Whom Shall I Fear” was the very next song. By the end of the song, I was already hooked. I couldn’t wait to hear it again.

Although I grew up an acapella girl, I really love this instrumental song because it is so beautifully done. All the instruments interlock seamlessly, and the beat makes you just want to sing along. Before I had even come to the end of the song, the first time I heard it, I was already singing along to the chorus.

It’s a good song to listen to quietly when you don’t want to offend the neighbors because the lyrics are easy to hear over the instrumentals. However, if you happen to be driving along a deserted road where no one else is around, the multiple layers of different instruments lend themselves very well to your cranking up the volume and just letting the song wash over you while you drive. (Me? Play obnoxiously loud music in public? — What in the world is that? Look over there!)

It will be a very happy day for me when the worship team at our church decides to play this song and have the whole church singing it.

Although I had for a short moment entertained the tiny hope that I might be able to learn this song by ear on my harp and play it all the time, the fabric of melody and harmony is a bit (ok, light years) beyond my skill at the present.

So, I’ll just have to content myself with hearing it when it comes on the radio, while I make plans to buy the CD Burning Lights that features it.

For more information about this song and other great worship music by Chris Tomlin, you can visit Chris Tomlin’s website: http://www.christomlin.com

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