This is a word you already understand and can define,
Even though I just recently made it up.

And when I walked into the church building a few weeks ago and ordered one,
the lady at the counter knew exactly what I was talking about.

frappachocolate, noun –a frozen coffee drink, heavily laden with so much sugar and chocolate, that it contains between 3 and 4 empty calories for every penny you paid for it, and which has no intrinsic value, except for the short-term good feelings of tasty joy it provides at the moment of consumption. Will be outlawed for the good of public health in about 100 years unless the recipes are tweaked to include actual nutrients soon.

One of my daughters said, “That’s stupid, Mom!” So, I’d like to gently advise the dictionary people to delete that comment from this new dictionary entry when they are compiling their new manuscripts. Assuming that they’ll agree to swallow this little nugget of unsolicited advice.

Last year, I finally discovered the joys of a frozen coffee drink. But that’s only because those contain enough sugar and chocolate to actually be a candy bar. So, what’s the point? Probably nothing, except that these flavors taste pretty neat together when frozen and blended to perfection.

Lately, I have been buying frappachocolates about once a week, which is not terribly good for you, I hear, and can lead to gall stones. Having done a gall bladder cleanse last summer, I am not too concerned yet. But I am planning to scale back on the frappachocolates, and go ahead and plan another gall bladder cleanse for the end of this summer.

You know, without all those additives, I really cannot stand coffee, although I do love the smell. For years, I wondered why I couldn’t make myself like the stuff. Then I noticed that my brother-in-law also doesn’t like coffee. After that, I read an article that said if you don’t like coffee because it is too bitter for you, you are simply not wired genetically for coffee. That made me feel a lot better. In my husband’s family, everyone – both children and all the grandchildren of his mom – LOVES coffee. Not just likes it. Except for my brother-in-law and me, who married into the family, and didn’t come equipped with the coffee gene.

And that’s my true confession for this week.

To underline it, I have written a special poem, completed just yesterday. I hope you’ll enjoy it:


Coffee is a language dark
That I will never learn:
The subtleties of roast and tint
I never can discern.

When told to buy a coffee drink,
I have to ask again
The flavor and the size and such
To fit my husband’s whim.

I really ought to know these things,
But none to me make sense:
Such details in this “foreign” drink
I cannot recall hence.

So, though I’ll try to smile and nod,
In truth, I’ve just been burned:
For coffee stays a bitter tongue
I know not how to learn.

by Gwennon

9:30 am May 1, 2013

I also posted this an hour ago on my poetry blog:

but without the explanation.

Praying for God to lead you to joy today,


James 1:17

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