Favorite: Teaching by Derek Prince

Have you ever stumbled over a passage in the Bible that you just could not understand, and no matter how much you wanted to understand it or tried to understand it, or told yourself you would entrust it back to God until He gave you the understanding, IT JUST DROVE YOU ABSOLUTELY CRAZY?

There is a passage in the Bible about Noah and his family after The Flood that was giving me a lot of grief for years.

Until recently.

I have been fascinated for over a year now with the idea of blessing and cursing, what those phrases mean in actual practice, and the long-term consequences of each. In quiet moments, I sometimes have found myself searching the internet for teachings about these practices.

One night, as I again was trolling through the net, I came across a teaching called “From Curse to Blessing” by Derek Prince, now deceased. I had heard of him for the first time years earlier when I came across a book that he had written, God Is a Matchmaker. Finding that this was one of the best books I had ever read about faith in action, Mr. Prince had already earned my great respect. So, when I stumbled across this other teaching of his, I was instantly interested in what he had to say. But, as it was rather long (10 segments of teaching that were approximately 10 minutes each in duration), I initially planned to watch one teaching every day over the course of the next 10 days.

Imagine my surprise, when 100 minutes later, I found myself having watched the entire teaching (just one more, because I was afraid of missing something). And it was amazing. Mr. Prince laid good foundations using one Bible illustration after another, before finally getting to the base teaching in the last third of the timeframe.

Don’t think, however, that skipping ahead will benefit you. It will not. You need that entire first hour of teachings in order to understand the rest.

I hope you will consider checking this out for yourself, as it has been a very great blessing to me. I might even watch it again in the near future.

The whole name of the teaching is “Derek Prince: How to Pass from Curse to Blessing”.

Praying for you to move into God’s blessings for you,


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