Favorite — Thoughts on Hypocrisy

Does anyone else get tired of hearing that worn out phrase: “The church is just full of hypocrites!”? Besides me?

Seems to me the whole world is full of hypocrites. Every thinking person who has ever feared what others might think of him has practiced one form of hypocrisy or another.

Let me give you an example from my own life. I own a couple of small folk harps: Gabriella, a 22-string low-end lap harp with a travel case; and Sebastien, a 30-string floor harp. Both have sound boxes made of walnut and at times have had beautiful tones. But right now they are both out of tune, and I haven’t seriously practiced either of them since January. From time to time I will enter into a new “harp phase” in which I tune and practice daily for weeks or months at a time, play for friends, and sometimes take one of the harps out of the house to play for others. So, when I tell you that I play the harp – even though I clearly do not play the harp today and probably won’t tomorrow either because of scheduling and other time constraints – does this make me a hypocrite?

No. I am a hypocrite because I am a living, breathing, thinking human being. Anyone who falls into that category automatically wants to do better – often much better—than he does in actual practice. Really, how much fun is it to have your faults and character weaknesses exposed to those who might not react kindly to your sad, fallen state?

So, keeping this in mind, what I would like for you to ponder is this: considering that we are all hypocrites on one level or another, and recognizing that some of us see our own hypocrisy and truly want to change, and seeing that people who want to change often go to church to let God work necessary changes in them, the hypocrites of the world who want to change are in the church. Everyone else is just practicing hypocrisy with a license!!!

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