“It’s Greek to Me!” Dressing

This is a recipe that I corrupted
from a very reliable internet source.
The original recipe called for several ingredients I did not have,
Including some prepared sauces
That I almost never buy.
Plus, the original made enough dressing
To feed 100 people.
I don’t usually need quite that much at my house.
So, I made a few substitutions.
And for a change,
My family liked it.
Maybe you will, too.

6 ounces olive oil
6 ounces red wine vinegar
One full teaspoon each:
Garlic powder
Dried oregano
Dried basil
One scant teaspoon each:
Onion powder
Sea salt
Black pepper
One quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper
One half teaspoon turmeric
One half teaspoon beet root powder
One pinch cardamom
One pinch nutmeg

Shake well before serving.

I have used this recipe several times in a pasta salad with very good results.

Praying this will bless your heart,


P.S. This is a recipe that ought to work anywhere in the world because it requires no baking.

If, on the other hand, you have been given a baking recipe from outside your geographical home, and said recipe is not working for you, please, please, please do not assume that the recipe giver was holding out on you or in some other way planning to sabotage your culinary success. This is probably not at all the case. What likely happened is that the recipe was moved to an area with with such a difference in sea-level and atmospheric pressure than the one it came from, that it simply could not succeed strictly as written in the new location. I plan to write more on this in the future. So, please believe the best about your friends when the baking recipes they give you aren’t working for you.

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