Stop That Nosebleed!

Did you know that you can often stop a nosebleed in minutes with a citrus drink?

I didn’t either. But for many years, I did not need to know it. I think part of the reason was that my parents always provided orange juice for us at every breakfast of our lives. Additionally, we also ate a lot of oranges and other citrus fruits.

So, I was 16-years-old and away from home at a camp in Colorado when I saw a nosebleed up close and personal for the first time. My camp roommate, Dolores, had several nosebleeds while we were there, often before breakfast, and I and our other roommate (whichever one of us was available at the time) would rush down to the kitchen, asking for a plastic bag filled with ice that we could take back upstairs. That was the way Dolores had always handled her nosebleeds before, and they eventually stopped. But I remember being in the cold grip of fear that maybe one of these times it wouldn’t work.

When the camp session ended, so did my experience with nosebleeds. Until I married. Then I again got to experience the horrible fear that nothing would work as I watched my husband struggle with nosebleeds several times during our first year of marriage. At the time, we had no idea what to do, except to pray, and run for the ice, which usually worked, though sometimes not right away.

Fast-forward several years until we had four children and having spent a couple of different long periods in the waiting room of the ER (as it happens, for things we could easily have treated at home, if we had known what to do, which we do now), I have seen a couple of truly gruesome and scary nosebleeds (not related to my family, but scary, nevertheless). The nurses handed a big clip to the victim, hoping that by closing the nostrils they could somehow contain the flow, but it didn’t seem to be doing very much, and blood dripped everywhere while all the other people there were praying constantly that the bleeder wouldn’t die before our watching eyes. I told myself there had to be a better way.

There was. After starting to read about herbs and herbal treatments, I read that cayenne pepper stops all kinds of bleeding. Since then, several people have told me that they have used cayenne pepper both internally and externally to stop bleeding wounds and hasten healing.

This was interesting. But when my son, who was very little at the time, started having a nosebleed, I knew I couldn’t get him to drink water laced with cayenne pepper. I started praying desperately for wisdom while considering what we had at hand. What we had was lemon juice. Immediately, I filled a glass of water, and poured a little lemon juice into the water.

“Damien,” I began, “You need to drink this. I know it tastes bad, but it will help you.”

Not surprisingly, with blood running down his throat from his bleeding nose, my son had a little trouble drinking this, even with a straw. But somehow he choked it down. And a few minutes later, the whole miserable nose-bleeding episode was over.

As a questioner and as a people-watcher, I have concluded that nosebleeds are a symptom of Vitamin C deficiency. Address the deficiency, and the nosebleeds will first of all slow down, then stop, eventually becoming a non-issue.

At our house, we still have the occasional nosebleed. But when we do, I know how to stop it in a hurry. And after that, we stock up on citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits are just another way that God provided for our healing on Day 3 of the Creation Week.  He knew what we needed and provided it before we knew to ask for it.  Isn’t God great!  All the time!

Praying for you,

June 18,2013

P.S. Over the years, I have received excellent information from “No Greater Joy Ministries” and from “Bulk Herb Store” online. Maybe you will find them helpful, too.

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