Blessing Template for Safe, Affordable Car Ownership

Dear Lord God in Heaven,
We want first of all to praise You
For the many ways You have blessed and protected us
Both on the road and at home
From dangers both known and invisible.
Thank You for allowing us to live
And come face to face once again
With our perpetual need for Your Divine Intervention
In our lives.
We know that You
Give us all good things
You know what we need.
With this in mind,
We declare that in the name of Jesus
we are trusting You
today and everyday
to give us the safe and reliable transportation
that You want us to have.
We decree and declare in the name of Jesus
That our heads and hearts
Will not be turned or strongly attracted to
A shiny exterior and a luxurious interior
If this is not the car You want us to have.
We trust that Your plans for us are
Better than our plans for ourselves.
With this in mind,
We thank You in advance
For giving us the right car at the right price at the right time,
And we ask that You prevent us from trying to run ahead of You.
In Jesus’ name,

Dear Friends,

I wrote this a week ago intending to share it with a couple of friends who are having a miserable time with their cars.  As it happens, I also need this blessing for myself as our family is dealing with a car that is needing more and more repairs as time goes by.  So, if any of you cares to pray for wisdom for me and my family, or to speak this blessing over us, you have my blessing!

Praying for God to bless you richly today,


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