Moments with Cedric – The Housewarming

It was a warm, quiet day. Such a lovely warm, quiet day, Cedric thought to himself, stretching himself out a little farther over the edge of THE SISTER’s bed.

THE SISTER had gone for the day to help a friend take care of her new baby. She wouldn’t be back until the morrow, leaving Cedric in charge of their room for a whole day and a half. And now the lovely, soft bed was his to enjoy without interruption.

Cedric stretched a little more. Mmmmmm, but this was comfortable! He could definitely get used to this.

Except for that annoying fly that kept buzzing around his nose and mouth. Where did that pest come from? Snapping, Cedric found that he had managed to catch the fly between his teeth. A small snack, to be sure. More like a very tiny vitamin. Enough food to let him get comfortably back to sleep.

He felt his body relax, and his eyes were getting very heavy. They were almost shut, when he heard the very soft footsteps of his sister-dog, Fluffy, padding down the hall toward the kitchen. He knew he ought to leave her alone. She was an old dog, struggling with several daily pains, and if anyone needed and deserved privacy, it was Fluffy.

Cedric rolled over, nosed the pillow into a slightly better position for his comfort, and again composed himself for sleep, when a tantalizing smell grew until it had filled his whole nose with dreams of – well, something wonderful, that’s what! It was a smell he didn’t recognize, but it was definitely sweet. Sweet and soothing. If he let himself, he could almost taste a new snack in the air.

Time for some very quiet reconnaissance, he thought, hopping from the bed. If he was very quiet, like Fluffy had been, he just might find a way to sample some of this delicious tastiness that was wafting through the air of his – that is to say, through the air of THE SISTER’s – room.

“What are you doing in here?” Fluffy demanded, in a stage whisper as soon as Cedric skulked into the kitchen.

Cedric didn’t know why they were whispering. THE MOMMY had cloistered herself in her room, working on a new story on her computer, and she wouldn’t be out for at least an hour. And THE BROTHER and his friend, Johann, were glued to the LOUD BOX in the BIG ROOM playing some kind of really loud game.

“Why are you whispering?” he replied, a bit loud. “No one is listening to us. I doubt they’d hear us, unless they stopped what they were doing to give us all their attention.” Cedric stole a quick glance first down the hall, then into the BIG ROOM, smiling a bit at Fluffy as he continued, “They’re all busy. No one even knows we’re here.”

He watched a smile start to spread over Fluffy’s wide face. “Are you sure?” she panted, hungrily.

“You just bet I am, SISTER!” he replied.

“And, look at this: they left us A SNACK!” Pointing to a large round object with little round sweet balls arranged on it up on the counter, Cedric continued, “This has to be for us. You know they don’t leave anything out unless they want us to eat it.”

Fluffy sniffed, shaking her head at him. “Are you sure about this, Cedric?”

“Look around you, Fluffy!” he continued. “Do you hear extra cars outside? Do you see extra people coming to the door? This place is a desert: a quiet, lonely desert. Where someone left dessert out just for us!

Fluffy started jumping from one foot to another. “Are you sure, Cedric?” she asked. “Anyway, what do you see up there?”

“SUGAR TREATS of some sort,” he reported, leaning over the counter and looking down at her. “Lovely, delicious SUGAR TREATS that someone just knew we were going to love.” Still smiling down at his sister-dog, Cedric slowly sank his teeth into one of the “SUGAR TREATS”. The delicious taste and smell almost made his heart stop for pure joy. Was he in heaven already?

Fluffy was still jumping around below him. “No fair, Cedric!” she snapped. “You’re hogging all the good stuff for yourself. Now is that really what Jesus would do?”

What Jesus would do? Cedric reflected. “Ooops!” he said, as one of the soft treats rolled down to the floor.

Fluffy snapped it up, swallowing the whole thing in just two bites.

Cedric was impressed. He himself had divided his first treat into four, small morsels to be slowly savored. Of course, all of them were gone now. Maybe it was time for another.

“That was so good, Cedric!” Fluffy panted. “I wouldn’t mind another one of those, if you wouldn’t mind.” She was smiling up at him. “You wouldn’t mind, would you? I mean, do you really think it’s all right? Or, are we stealing from our people?”

“Stealing?” Cedric asked. The thought hadn’t occurred to him. Surely what they were doing now wasn’t stealing, was it?

“Fluffy,” Cedric began, “It’s stealing when it belongs to SOMEONE ELSE. Does this belong to SOMEONE ELSE?”

“Mmmmmf!” Fluffy gasped.

“You know, Fluffy, it’s TO SHARE when it’s ON A SPECIAL PLATE. And these are definitely ON A SPECIAL PLATE. It’s round, it’s heavy, and I seldom see it out. That for sure makes these little treats TO SHARE.”

“Oh!!” sighed Fluffy. “Well, then, you can just send a few more my way!”

Cedric was glad to, as he also helped himself to a few more.

Licking their lips, smiling at each other, then licking the crumbs out of each other’s hair, both the dogs smiled and hiccupped a bit from the pure joy of excessive sugar consumption.

Fluffy, walking crookedly from the kitchen on slightly unsteady feet, managed to choke out to Cedric, “Mmmf! That’s good stuff. You betcha. I’m just gonna go lie down for a bit.”

Cedric followed her part way down the hall, detouring into his – that is, THE SISTER’s room—to hop, or jump, or maybe just climb slowly into the bed. Make that climb very slowly. After a couple of failed attempts, Cedric decided that the floor was pretty comfortable. Before he knew what had happened, he could almost hear his own snoring. What a lovely, warm day. Especially since someone he loved loved him and Fluffy enough to leave out a lovely treat just for them. Wasn’t that nice?

THE BROTHER and Johann were just walking into the kitchen, when Johann noticed that the cookie sheet they had filled with cookie rolls to bake just minutes earlier was now empty. “Cedric!” He and THE BROTHER yelled at the same time.

But Cedric and Fluffy were both fast asleep. Out cold, in a manner of speaking. They wouldn’t wake again until supper rolled around several hours later.

The End

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