Teething Babies


Anyone reading this should beware that these are simply the musings and opinions of a people-watching, perpetually-questioning, stay-at-home mom, and not a medical professional. When making decisions for your health, you should consult your own medical professional. I can take no responsibility for anything you decide to do one your own, with or without my written ideas.

My husband and I have been confused as we have watched our first grandchild with all kinds of teething issues, none of which, until recent weeks, included the actual eruption of teeth. I don’t know about my husband, but I have been a bit worried because each of our own four children presented teeth at the tender age of two months. In contrast, our grand-daughter, at the ripe old age of eleven months, has only just come up with a single tooth.

Wondering what could have been going on, I mentioned this to my friend, Sophie, at church, who got my attention with her own observation, which I think may have some validity: Sophie told me that the later a child gets his teeth in babyhood, the better-built the teeth actually are. After watching and comparing dental development in her own two grandchildren, she noticed this trend, and began comparing notes with other people she knows. Seems to be a recognizable pattern.

Besides what I learned from Sophie, I have watched our own family and our dental and bone development as related to the consumption of carbonated beverages (i.e., “soda pop”, or for lack of a more all-encompassing term, “cokes”). To my shame, I have to tell you that although I ate fairly healthy during my first two pregnancies, and the teeth of the first two children have been fairly good, I did not do as well during the next two. And, correspondingly, the teeth of my youngest daughter and my son have not been as strong, or healthy. When I was tired and wanted a boost during these pregnancies, I often turned to soda pops for a bit of extra energy. However, there was a long-term price to that in the compromised dental health of the children I later bore. Also, I noticed that the soft spot on the skull of my son took years, instead of months, to knit itself together and close. I am pretty confident that my careless soda pop consumption had something to do with that.

I noticed while I was pregnant that warnings about the consumption of alcoholic beverages (which, for personal reasons, I never used) abounded for expectant mothers.  And, truly, these beverages should be used with care, and only in moderation during pregnancy.  But few people seemed worried at all about the excessive use of carbonated beverages, or their long-term health consequences for either mother or baby.  I believe, now, having seen it for myself, that some of the long-term health consequences are severe, and people should be warned.  Would I have listened had anyone brought these things up?  I don’t know.  But I’d like to think I might have.

Anyway, maybe you will find these things interesting and thought-provoking. If nothing else, I pray you can learn from my mistakes, instead of repeating them. (This is something I tell my children all the time.)

If I had it to do all over again, I would have strictly limited my sugar and soda consumption during each of my pregnancies, and on to the end of each child’s breast-feeding, which, with a better diet, would probably have lasted longer than it did. There are a number of health-boosting teas from BulkHerbStore.com and other sources both online and at the health store which can be easily brewed at home. Some of these also alleviate some of the discomforts and other difficulties of pregnancy. I wish, instead of whining to myself that we couldn’t afford these (we could have, if we had cannibalized the money I wasted on soda pops and sugary snacks), that I had invested in these health-building teas. I would have been healthier and happier. And I believe my babies would have been, too.

God’s grace has covered these failings, and we are all a bit older and smarter, having gone through our problems here. But, whenever you can avoid health troubles through improved nutrition, why not go for it?

Again, let me mention that prayers for wisdom are always a great idea. Plus, instead of just using my ideas, please consult your own health care professional. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Thank you.

Praying for God to bless your health today,



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2 Responses to Teething Babies

  1. Katherine says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I love how you started out identifying yourself as a non-medical professional. I give everyone in my family medical advice and I am not a medical professional either. My daughter tells me I do have a an MD though, a Mom Doctorate!

    • gwennonr says:

      Katherine, thank you so much for your kindly words. I like your daughter’s term “Mom Doctorate”. Those may be much more prevalent than we know. : )

      Bless you!


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