Sugar, Bladders, Two Healthy Treats, and Misbehaving Relations

Yesterday started off badly. I woke up in a completely disagreeable, even despairing mood. I am asking myself if this is just a symptom of sugars and toxins leaving my body.

It sure looks like diet plays a bigger part in our emotions than we like to think. A few days (weeks?) ago, I saw a television commercial for a new drug to calm nervous bladders and give sufferers a longer time between urgent bathroom visits. Well, about this same time, I had noticed that on occasions when I ate less sugar, my own bladder was unusually calm and I visited the bathroom a lot less. Coincidence? Really, is there actually any such thing as coincidence in a special creation world? Anyway, now I can’t help wondering about the diets of the people at whom this drug is aimed. Wouldn’t they simply not need the drug if they ate less white sugar? Just can’t stop asking questions, and really, who wants to?

Not everyone knows this – I certainly didn’t for a lot of years – but not all sugars are created equal, and white sugar is simply the white crystals heartlessly divorced from the real nutrients that originally accompanied them in their plant sources. Yet, harmful though it is, white sugar is not yet classified as a drug, and a dangerous one at that. I love a certain cream-filled sandwich cookie as much as the next person; but I always feel physically off any time I eat them. I think if the world continues and populations educate themselves on nutrition, that eventually all empty calorie foods will be served only as punishment to criminals behind bars and that everyone who has a choice will stay strictly away from them.

Getting back to yesterday, I found a great snack that was low in sugar: sliced green apples combined with flavored cream cheese. It was just so delicious! Everyone ought to try it!

I must not have eaten enough apples and cream cheese to satisfy my constant sugar cravings because later in the day, I compromised: when I found a package of organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups at the health store, instead of walking right past them, I bought them and devoured both in the car on the way to my next stop. The package promised that the sugar contained came from evaporated cane sugar. But I have read that this is simply a sneaky name for white sugar.

Nevertheless, I managed, somehow to eat less white sugar yesterday than I did this time last year and woke up today with a more hopeful outlook than I started out with yesterday. Listening to Annabelle Taubl’s “Sonata In G, K 14” from her CD “Annabelle’s Harp” also did not hurt my mood.

This morning I returned to my January fruit smoothie recipe, the one I forget about until I get enough cuts on my fingers to render harp practice impractical. (Alas! So many of those foods I call “Christmas treats” don’t treat me or my poor body nearly as well as I believe they will when I am eating them!) Here is that recipe: about a cup of frozen blueberries, the juice of one grapefruit, and a bit of green tea. I take a shortcut making the green tea when I’m in a hurry, which is often: I just throw a couple of tea bags into a glass, then do some housework until the tea is the color I want it. I blended it all in my Nutribullet, drinking the leftover tea on the side, and eating the pulp with a fork while cleaning the kitchen. After about a month of this, I’ll be back to harping, and my moods will probably be better, too.  (WARNING: DO NOT EAT GRAPEFRUIT IN ANY FORM EVER IF YOU ARE TAKING PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS.   REMEMBER THIS BECAUSE YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT. ) I had also read in a lovely book called “Teatime with God” that when a person eats fresh fruit and drinks tea at the same time, he cleanses his arteries, thus reducing the risk of stroke. That wouldn’t have meant much to me 25 years ago. But in 1994, my dad had a stroke, and I cannot help wondering what might have happened if he had known this little secret.

And now, people, you are simply not going to believe the latest gossip I have for you! I hardly believe it myself. It’s about family, but since these particular people don’t read my blogs, I think we’re safe here. This morning, when I went to feed the dogs, I left ample allotments of dog food in two different places so that Roosevelt and Lola could eat their own food in peace without any interference from each other. A closing door usually separates them during mealtime. Believing the best of my doggie-loves today – which, in hindsight, wasn’t actually too smart – I left them each more-than-generous portions, forgetting that Lola had an unfair advantage. Because (drum roll, please!) today, Roosevelt was noticeably absent, having elected to sleep himself silly in a comfy bed next to a warm body that was too tired to notice he was again hogging the bed. What happened was that our church hosted something called a “Sleep Over” last night, which translates into zombie-children for the rest of the following day. One of our zombies, who used to allow Roosevelt regular access to her bed, started noticing that he was gradually taking more and more of the bed for himself while leaving only a tiny portion for her. Usually, she puts her foot down. But today she was just too tired. Roosevelt was in hog heaven. At mealtime, not understanding that Lola’s little miniature poodle stomach could, indeed, comfortably stretch itself around not only her own dinner, but a dinner for a hefty German shepherd, I neglected to close the door that separated the dog food bowls. Wow! That is one mistake I plan not to make again. When Roosevelt finally dragged himself into society, looking for food, I confidently led him to his bowl. Which, of course, was not only empty, but licked clean and bone dry. Surely Lola must have left some food in her own bowl. I found, to my great dismay that surely she did not. I keep hearing that animals do not and can not have a sin nature. And I keep finding solid reasons not to believe these dreamers. Sigh! With a little “GRRRRR” thrown in!!

Thanks for vacationing here with me, kindly readers. You are all in my thankful prayers.

May God rain and shower upon you every good blessing, most of all saving faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the one person who knows everything about you and loves you anyway!

Best Regards,


Psalm 23 – He wants to be your Shepherd, too! : )

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