“Illness Chow”

Whereas we know that no one would purposefully market something with a label that admits that its use leads to illness, grocery stores around the country continue to sell certain items that if used improperly, or excessively, can cause a person’s health to pack up and leave with breath-taking quickness.

One of these is white sugar.

For years, I have been absolutely in love with it. But this love has come at a cost I am becoming more and more reluctant to pay.

At my age, almost everyone starts developing a list of ailments that are often attributed to aging, but might be more fairly blamed on poor diet, along with the accompanying toxic build-up. Now because you may have your own list, and because you may find my list a bit less interesting than your own, for now I will leave the majority of my disagreeable ailments strictly to your imagination. Although, I do plan to catalog some of the more interesting ones over the next three weeks.

Why three weeks? Well, I read in a magazine a review of a book The Hormone Reset Diet by Dr. Sara Gottfried. And now I am starting the reset. It begins by removing white sugar, and a lot of other foods that either ARE additives, or HAVE additives.

This first day has not been terribly hard because I have a constant visual reminder of the importance of succeeding where I often have failed: on Friday I hurt my hand in the saddest freak accident imagineable. I had bought some flats of water bottles for a retreat I was headed out to, where the scenery is absolutely gorgeous, but the drinking water is not. On a previous retreat, all by myself, I consumed an entire flat (about 24 bottles of water containing about 16 ounces apiece), and thought that in order to better love my neighbors this time around, the best thing I could do was not only to buy the water I would need, but to bring some to share with everyone else. It was a great plan. Except that the packaged water was hard to squeeze into the back of the car. Before I even realized what had happened, while trying to shove the water in a little further, I had whacked my hand. IT HURT. I would like to repeat that sentence a dozen or more times. But you get the general idea.

I thought my hand was hurting because I had sprained something. A glance at it, however, revealed a steady seepage of blood, requiring a second trip inside the grocery store to buy the bandages I had forgotten to pack for the trip, along with some raw honey (in case it was a bad wound, but surely not), and some tissues to dry the tears I was sure would follow.

After my hand was cleaned up, I realized that I had lost several small but significant patches of skin, and perhaps even another vital layer of tissue. If the pain is anything to go by, it is a serious, albeit small, little injury, which has been slow to heal, in spite of multiple dressings, and perhaps greater than realistic hopes.

So, every time I think of going off the diet, all I need do to remind myself of all the healing I hope to receive, is to look at my hand. That alone may get me through the first week of radical changes.

Before carting one of the children off to college, I had time to drink only some green tea (two tea bags marinating themselves in a lovely glass of cool water) with fresh lime juice, then a green drink (a powdered supplement drink composed of mostly vegetables and other healthy stuff). Lunch was the big meal of the day. I could have had a large breakfast, if I had planned things better, and a large supper later. But I am just too tired to manage it today. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyhow, getting back to lunch, I ate two whole organic eggs, along with the eggwhites of two additional eggs, scrambled in walnut oil (which was on sale today). I should have added seasonings directly to the eggs, but got distracted, and decided to just depend on a salad dressing I had blended fresh, consisting of half an avocado (which may have been more fat than I was prescribed to have), fresh lime juice, various spices, including fresh sweet basil leaves and dill, and some water to make it thinner. I should have added both a couple of cloves of garlic to the blender, and some red pepper seeds, or something else to give it a spicy kick. But, having decided to blend only what I will need for the current meal, I told myself I would note what needed to improve the next time around, and make adjustments accordingly. So, although my salad dressing at lunch today was only mediocre (however rating “five gold stars” for being made from scratch), tomorrow’s promises to be better, and just keep on improving from there.

I forgot to mention that I made the salad dressing to top about a cup of alfalfa sprouts that I also added to my lunch as we are allowed to have between two and three cups of green vegetables per meal. Alfalfa is one of the great cleansing foods, and also does wonders for your teeth and hair. If you ever meet anyone who has never had a cavity or other problem with his teeth, chances are he may be eating alfalfa on a fairly regular basis.

We are having the loveliest rain storm right now. I hope the farmers will get all the rain they need this year. Something to pray about. Feel free to pray with me: Please, God, give the farmers and gardeners all the rain and good weather they need to bring in a good harvest this year. But even if the harvest is not what they had hoped, please let them know that You are still a good God, and You love them and You can be trusted. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

I had a hankering for asparagus with lunch, and baked it with walnut oil and a number of different spices I found in the cabinet. It turned out better than I had planned, and my teenage son, who regardless of a healthy growth spurt is managing to be a slightly finicky eater, helped himself to a very healthy portion and even pronounced it “Good!” I soaked that up like a dry sponge that hadn’t seen rain in the kitchen for some time. For several weeks, I wondered if we had too many spices up there, but I think not now. Since I will be making all my own seasonings over the next three weeks, instead of relying on pre-prepared stuff, we may have just the right amount of spices for me to make a number of different dressings and/or spice mixes from scratch without needing to replenish much of our stock-piled spices. It’s a great “Praise the Lord!” moment.

Four hours after lunch, after I had dropped my son off at drum lessons, I made myself a protein shake, which had been recommended as a meal replacement. And I plan to have another in a couple of hours (along with a spoon of coconut oil), before I retire for the night.

Tomorrow I am planning to harp on the tendon issues that I hope this dietary cleanse will ameliorate in “A Tale of Two Dulcimers”. I hope to see you then.

May 4, 2015

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