Bedwetting or Peanut Butter


Is there anything worse in the world than waking up in a sea of pee and knowing you could have prevented it? I think the last time I wet the bed this thoroughly must have been sometime forty years ago, if not farther back. Angrily I shooed my husband from the bed, squawking, “Whatever you do, don’t sit on the bed today!”

Clean-up would have to wait until I had driven my son to school. Before school, last minute loads of laundry, not to mention hot showers, would claim all the resources, and my laundry disaster would simply have to take a very uncomfortable back seat.


Normally, I have a dream telling me it is time to wake up. The dream goes something like this: I am in a building seeking a bathroom. But without fail each and every bathroom, or bathroom stall, has something wrong with it, rendering it thoroughly unusable. Which is a good thing. If I let myself use a toilet in my dream, chances are I am surrendering control of my bladder in read life.

Feeling more than a little foolish, I grumbled to my husband, “They say it’s caused by a lack of essential fatty acids in the diet. But I ate a lot of fats over the weekend!”

Apparently, though, not the right kind. Pondering what my diet has degenerated into in recent weeks, I realized that not only have I eaten very little peanut butter, which always helps, but I have also not been taking the time and trouble to prepare adequate fruits and vegetables, which may also be playing a part.

Whatever the case, as I was out and about this morning, I went ahead and bought a decadent bar of dark chocolate/peanut butter candy, which I promptly devoured, feeling somewhat justified. And for lunch I will be ingesting a hefty peanut butter sandwich. If the peanut butter has no immediate effect, I will need to increase the amount, because it has always worked wonders in the past. Those poor souls who are allergic to peanuts may possibly receive the same benefits from eating other nuts.

Anyway, if anyone reading has friends or children with bedwetting problems, please do not assume they are lacking self-control. I think that anyone who can choose to keep clean and dry clearly tries to do so. Instead, this is a physiological problem that is often helped by diet. Do your own research, but assume the best of your loved ones in the process.

Thanks for reading.

September 26, 2016

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