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My New Latest Favorite Song

I am posting this under “True Confessions Thursday” although it is actually late Wednesday night. But tomorrow morning, since i plan to be very busy cooking and cleaning, and will presumable be too otherwise-occupied to get back to my computer … Continue reading

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Did God Use Evolution to Create the World?

Originally posted on Bible-Science Guy:
(1 Minute Read) Absolutely NOT! Scripture is crystal clear about this. Evolutionism and Creationism are directly opposed to each other, and the consequences of the two worldviews diverge dramatically. In a day of rampant confusion…

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Ants on the Sidewalk

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
Socrates said, “The only thing that makes me wiser than anyone else is that I know I know nothing.” It’s good to remind ourselves from time to time how clueless we truly are. Think of…

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Why We Marry Who We Marry

This answers quite a lot of questions and really blessed my heart. I hope it will bless yours as well.

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I AM the Gate

Originally posted on TLP:
John 10:1-18 Introduction This passage is figurative. (John 10:6) There are 8 components of the extended metaphor in this section: The shepherd is the caretaker and owner of the sheep. The sheep (flock) are the animals…

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Something to think about – guest post by Heather Davis

Originally posted on Song of Virginity:
I’m so very proud and happy to welcome to the Song of Virginity blog the first female guest blogger; Heather Davis from Running the race. Personally I couldn’t resist her “about” words, so I’ll let…

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Just the rubber band

Originally posted on Jonathan Camac:
Each day looks very different for me. Take a few weeks ago as an example. I (just) finished 3 assignments and sat an exam for university. That took up most of my week. But I also worked in a…

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