Did God Use Evolution to Create the World?

This is just so true. I hope you will read it and prayerfully consider the content. Thank you.

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After Eden WhoOfCreation

Absolutely NOT! Scripture is crystal clear about this. Evolutionism and Creationism are directly opposed to each other, and the consequences of the two worldviews diverge dramatically.

In a day of rampant confusion on this issue, it is vital for believers to know what Scripture teaches. We must stand firm, as pillars in support of the truth, able to articulate a logical and compelling explanation of origins according to the Word of God.

Genesis specifies that God created life and provided for its orderly continuation through reproduction according to kind. No kind ever develops into a different kind. Ten times the historical record in Genesis 1 says “after their kind.”

This pattern has been man’s consistent observation, without a single exception, throughout the 6,000 years of earth history. Great variation may appear within a kind, yet each kind reproduces only after its own kind. The…

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