No Luck At All

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Oh, this was soooo convicting.

Bible-Science Guy

Last Friday was Friday the 13th. This is a day that fills many with anxiety and dread because they think Friday the 13th is “unlucky.”

Do you believe in luck?

Returning to my car one day after work with a colleague, I commented that I hoped I had remembered to turn off the headlights that rainy morning. He replied, “Let’s cross our fingers and maybe we’ll be lucky.” I couldn’t help answering, “How will crossing my fingers help?”

This man had a Ph.D. in mathematics! Did he really think this action would affect the state of my headlights several blocks away that had been determined 9 hours previously?

What does it mean to ascribe an unpleasant occurrence to “bad luck” or a happy occurrence to “good luck”? Isn’t the whole concept of luck a denial of the sovereign rule of the Almighty over all of life?

Our culture…

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