Is Genesis History? The Movie

You know, if one part of the Bible ain’t true, it’s all baloney. On the other hand, if God is God enough to tell us the truth from the very beginning, then we probably ought to believe and put into practice everything He says in the whole Bible. I hope you will find this article helpful. If you do, please go back and thank the author. And if you can also watch the movie, I think you would be blessed by it.

Bible-Science Guy

(4 Minute Read. With video.)


What really happened
In the beginning“?

Did God create the world in six days, or did it take billions of years?
How did the vast diversity of plants and animals originate?
Did Man descend from apes, or was he created in the image of God?
Was there a real Adam and Eve?
Was there a global flood that destroyed the world, or is that a myth?
Why do we have so many different languages?
In short,
Is Genesis really true?
Is Genesis historically accurate?

A new documentary film investigates these vital questions. Theaters nationwide will show
Is Genesis History?
on Thursday, February 23, 2017.

The most attacked book of the Bible has always been Genesis. Today the assaults come from skeptics and liberals as well as from within the church. The Book of Genesis is bombarded with unrelenting skepticism, derision…

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5 Responses to Is Genesis History? The Movie

  1. D.T. Osborn says:

    I agree with your comment, “if one part of the Bible ain’t true, it’s all baloney.” But I have a question. How did you come to that conclusion? By that I mean, were you taught this at an early age, perhaps in church? Or did you learn this through your own study, or does it just seem to make sense if you trust in Christ? For myself, the short story is by faith I believed the idea that “believe all of the Bible, or don’t believe it at all,” was true, and confirmed it by evidence and experience as I grew as a Christian.

    • gwennonr says:

      Honestly, even after getting a degree from a “Christian” college, I found myself drifting from this teaching. I think that in church we were taught we needed to believe the whole Bible, but somewhere along the line, I ran into “independent” friends in my generation who had a tendency to pitch the phrase “Yes, but THAT was then, and THIS is now” as a way of excusing unbelief in its varying forms. After drifting so far, a soul comes to decision point: either go back to the beginning and believe all of it (After all, if God is really God, then He surely must be God enough to both communicate clearly and then to preserve His communication), or start swimming in the muddy and dangerous waters of total unbelief. At several times in my life, I have had to make a clear decision to go back to God, and I hope to keep returning to God until He finally takes me to heaven, from whence I will never drift again.

  2. gwennonr says:

    I meant to add my thank you for stopping by my blog, and especially for following my blog. What a blessing! : )

    • D.T. Osborn says:

      You are welcome and I feel blessed as well. When I read your comment about going to a “Christian” college, it reminded me of the challenges thrown at my faith in Seminary. I have a Masters in Biblical Interpretation and Theology and have heard and read most all of the objections to the trustworthiness of the Bible. They all fall flat in any kind of fair evaluation. However, it will always come down to faith in the LORD and His Word, no matter how much knowledge one acquires. Even as it is written in Hebrews 11:6 “without faith it is impossible to please God…” Blessings to you and yours always. 🙂

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