Who is Special Creation Woman (and who does she think she is?) and what is a world view?  Is she going to try to tell me what to do?  Excellent questions!

Furthermore, what could possibly be interesting about the Creation world view? This is a question I might have been asking myself twenty years ago. If I had known enough then to even know what a world view is.

 I’m Gwen, but you can call me Gwennon.  (“Call you Cordelia?!”) I have a husband, who has taught me how to love, four children, who have taught me how to pay attention, and two dogs, whose main purpose in life seems to be to give me both opportunities to forgive and examples of what unconditional forgiveness really looks like.

Although I grew up in the church and read my Bible daily from the sixth grade, like many of my generation I endured public schools (and hated every minute of them – even though many of my teachers were excellent and I had a few wonderful friends there) and grew up surrounding by the television and popular culture. While I was growing up, I questioned everything. In fact, even with four children, I think I may have more questions than the lot of them combined. I am always searching for answers, and I still drive my husband and children crazy sometimes by my desire to know and analyze everything around me.  If no answer is available, I often can come up with a convincing-enough story.  For example, do you see those people over there? What do you think they’re doing? But I digress.

I am a child who refuses to grow up (“Silly Songs with Larry” anyone?), while remaining at the same time a teacher who never stops looking for the teachable moment and appropriate messages to share. Although I may be one of the most completely cynical, skeptical souls alive, I am at times amazingly gullible. In fact, my husband and children have often told me that I will believe anything. Especially anything that I read on the internet. But that is simply not true: Like most people, I believe what I want to believe, and what fits with my world view.

I love Jesus, spend time praising Him daily in preparation for praising Him eternally in heaven, and want to encourage others to do the same. However, I do not expect my readers to believe as I believe. Instead, I want to share my views with you, and challenge you to examine your own beliefs and your reasons for adopting them. I strongly believe that if a person does not know why he believes as he does, then he may be in danger of being manipulated by those who would control him.

Several years ago, I was surprised to realize that I had been secretly observing everyone one around me, making observations, and drawing conclusions. Did you know that you can actually learn a lot just by watching people?

After an incredible amount of reading – to me, living without books is kind of like trying to live without breathing – and just paying attention to the things I have seen and heard, I have finally come to understand that a world view is a basic way of seeing and interpreting the world.  Every single person has one, usually several, accumulated in layers, but not everyone is aware of it. Once a person recognizes his world view, he is able to then analyze how said world view has influenced his beliefs, which influence his goals and drive his actions; and make changes, if need be.   A world view is kind of like an infection: if you don’t know you have it, without your overt permission, it may just end up taking you places you never imagined you’d go to.  Sometimes places you hoped you had left behind.  So, if you find, after reading my writings here, that you are more aware of the world views that have taken root in your heart, I will count myself as having succeeded.  (For more information on world views, please view my Whirled Views page.)

Psalm 9:1-2 “I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou Most High.”

Did you know that God loves you and has a good plan for you?

If you have answers, I have questions!

Bye for now,



6 Responses to About

  1. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for commenting on my blog the other day! God bless you!

    • gwennonr says:

      You are welcome. You are doing a great work with your son that will bring great rewards, though not, a lot of times, on our schedules, or according to our expectations. You will be in my prayers. May God bless you, too. : ) Gwennon

  2. mickdawson says:

    I thank you for the “likes,” Gwennon. I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to hold your interest well into the second chapter of my latest novel. My work is mainly for non- Christians to be entertained and discover something God has to teach them, but it’s always nice to hear from another Christian reader too… Mick Dawson

  3. indilydia says:


    Thank you for the like on my comment to Beauty Beyond Bones’s post. I loved your article on Gabriella, and your tongue in cheek style of writing. I love your passion for Jesus, and the fact that you’re a teacher too. I call my blog ‘A Teacher’s Walkabout’, and I personally think there are few things as potent as a teacher who loves Jesus and teaching.

    I pray that your blog will continue to be an enormous blessing and influence in many people’s lives, as it surely has been for so many years.

    Indi (I’m the man in the photo, my lovely wife Lydia is also a teacher, and the little smiler is my totally wonderful daughter)

    • gwennonr says:

      Dear Sir,
      Thank you for your many kind words. What a blessing!
      Thank you for checking out my blog. I’ll look up yours as well.
      Blessings to you and your lovely family.
      Best Regards,

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