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Happy Animal

Originally posted on Cool Fur Babies:
Happy Animal

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Is Genesis History? The Movie

Originally posted on Bible-Science Guy:
(4 Minute Read. With video.) What really happened “In the beginning“? Did God create the world in six days, or did it take billions of years? How did the vast diversity of plants and animals…

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Santa on Trial

Originally posted on Jonathan Camac:
The big fella. Every Christmas the big red starts making his appearance. And so we dust off and roll out the red carpet for our hailed guest at Christmas Carols. News Shows. Adverts. Major festivals.…

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The Shortage

After hearing the words for so long, I had started to believe them. It was a problem that no one had thought to plan ahead for. But, oh, how I wish they had! The problem began at the bank. Actually, … Continue reading

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A Taste of The Caterpillar

When all was said and done, my dog was not very happy. In fact, using the universal dog-sign-language signal built from barred teeth combined with eyes opened as wide as they can go, he let me know just how far … Continue reading

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What Was That?

I could hardly believe it. The dream, which seemed more like a movie I ended up starring in, was so real that I remembered the better part of it as soon as I jolted awake: the sights, the sounds, the … Continue reading

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You Can Be Sexually Immoral and Get Into Heaven?!

Originally posted on Stay Bold:
Alright, Millennials‚ĶHere we go.¬†The audience I am targeting in this particular blog are the young couples who are not married and claim to be followers of Jesus. This may be a powerful reminder to stay…

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