Is it possible for Christians — especially young earth creationists –to be both informative and fun?  Are all Christians just sour and fault-finding?  Or do some actually enjoy life and share that joy with others?

Here at Special Creation Woman, I hope to make the Biblical and Creation world view winsome and compelling through a series of thought-provoking posts.  Right now I am bursting to overflowing with ideas I would love to share with you.

As time allows, especially in the immediate foreseeable future, I plan to follow a regular calendar of postings:

On Mondays in Joyful Beginnings, I want to begin the week with a really funny or joyful story.  Some of these stories are new.  Others are reprinted, with permission, from a newspaper column I used to write back home.

Tuesday is the day for Recipes for Health and Happiness.  Some of these are recipes for natural remedies my family has tested, most out of absolute necessity, rather than on purpose.  Others are successful recipes from my limited success in my kitchen.  I will also be canvassing my friends for recipes they have found useful.

Wednesday will be my day for Favorite, Favorite Favorites.  Here is where I plan to share some of my favorite books, music, movies and quotes.

If you like secrets, then True Confessions Thursdays will be something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Finally, on Fun, Fabulous Fridays, I plan to share vignettes and words of wisdom from my friend Cedric, who may surprise you.

As a side note, I have to tell you that as an English Major and a grammarian, I am really wanting to make some serious adjustments to a couple of these quotation marks, which are backward to what I have wanted them to be, and which seem to be bound and determined not to do what I want.  I realize that a couple of them are simply terribly incorrect.  But they are not allowing me to change them.  (Is this not a common problem for every creator who seeks to make his creation everything he envisioned?  Sigh.)  Right here and now, I want to apologize for my misbehaving punctuation, which I will try to come back and change later.  Right now my irritability has been ignited too much for me to calmly keep wrangling with them.

[A couple of hours later]  Ok.  That’s it!  Having misbehaved for far too long — and having thereby caused even the well-behave quotation marks in their immediate vicinity to look bad by association — all quotation marks on the top portion of this page, having forfeited their right to exist here through their continual habits of non-compliance with the stated wishes of the author, have been forcibly removed.

Before I was so rudely interrupted by punctuation issues beyond my control, I was about to tell you that I plan to post nothing on Saturday and Sundays because I’ll be relaxing with my family (and on some of those days, going out on dates with my husband).  Plus, I hope to collect ideas and “write ahead” for my posts for the next week.

As a fount of endless questions, I’m here to tell you that if you have answers, I have questions!  Because as a natural skeptic and questioner, I’ll tend to ask more questions than I have answers for.  Maybe more questions than you can answer.  Are you ready for a wild ride?


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