A Hidden Hatred.

I wish I could have read something like this 40 years ago when my self-righteousness really started taking root. It has been only in recent years when I have started to understand that only through God’s kindness can anyone be moved from wherever they are at the moment.


You say love the sinner; hate the sin.

But I say love the sinner, and hate your own sin before you go around hating everyone else’s sin.

I am always astonished by the amount of hate I hold within myself.

It’s true. There’s always a person to glare at, a rock to throw, or a victim to spit my venom at.

And I know I’m not the only one.

I’m beginning to see a dangerous trend in the Christian subculture. I see hate being accepted within communities, as long as the group of believers collectively justify their hatred.

What I mean is this…
Have you seen how people treat the president?
Have you witnessed how people treat those they oppose on the political spectrum?
Have you recognized the disgust that is held toward the poor, helpless, and homeless?
Have you encountered the micro-aggressions passed off as jokes?
Have you glanced…

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Genesis: Paradise Lost, the Movie

This is something worth investigating, and I so hope you will. One of the two statements my husband has made over and over through the years is this: “We serve a God who can afford to be investigated.” I really believe that anything less would not be worthy of our adoration and following.
Please be sure to thank the author for making this post available.

Bible-Science Guy

(2 Minute Read)

“There are only two possibilities: we just happened, or somebody made us.”
– Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner

“They hijacked science and they convinced the whole world that science is only possible within an atheistic worldview.”
– Historian Dr. Terry Mortenson

“How can you not believe that somebody designed all this?”
– Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner

“The Law of Biogenesis says that all life comes from pre-existing life. And yet evolution says that life can come from non-life. But we see no examples of that today.”
– Science Educator Dr. Charles Jackson

“Evolution is not scientific fact. Millions of years is not scientific fact. Evolution and millions of years is the greatest myth ever forced on the minds of men. The reason everybody believes it is because they’ve been brainwashed.”
– Historian Dr. Terry Mortenson

These are quotes from a new documentary movie Genesis: Paradise Lost from

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GOD IS (NOT) MY BUDDY – Nov. 22th

This is something we too often forget. I hope you find this article as helpful as I did. Please be sure to thank the author for writing it.


“By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, and by the breath of his mouth all their host. He gathers the waters of the sea as a heap; he puts the deeps in storehouses. Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him! Psalm 33:4

It seems like most people have a very similar tendency.  If we are shown an image enough times we begin to accept it as real even when we know it is a caricature. Caricatures are used all the time to help communicate a point. I have seen characteristics exaggerated to highlight what can be overlooked. I have also seen caricatures used to simplify that which is hard to fathom.  The problem is when the caricature becomes so engrained that we begin to believe the distortion.

Most of us are familiar with maps of the United States…

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Pray with Purpose

I hope you will enjoy this great article on prayer as much as I did. Blessings on you.

Faith Runner

I’ve become a student of prayer lately, seeking to understand and expand its place in my walk with God.

For your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

Matthew 6:8

If it’s true that God knows what we need before we ask then the obvious question becomes:

Why Pray?

God uses prayer to change our hearts and our hearts’ desires. 

In Exodus 32 Moses prayed to stay God’s vengeance on the Israelites, who had forsaken God and his law by worshipping a golden calf even as Moses was on the mountain receiving that law on their behalf.

The conversation went something like this (Exodus 32:9-14, The Message):

God said to Moses, “I look at this people—oh! what a stubborn, hard-headed people! Let me alone now, give my anger free reign to burst into flames and incinerate them. But I’ll make a great nation out of you.”

Moses tried…

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Horoscopes is Rebellion to Witchcraft

Source: Horoscopes is Rebellion to Witchcraft

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Adorable Pets

When Jesus returns for His earthly reign, we will at last be able to safely be close to these creatures without fear of harm. Won’t that just be heaven on earth? I can hardly wait!!! : )

Cool Fur Babies

Adorable Pets

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The Lure—and Lie—of Self-Help

This has been a very useful post, and I pray you will be blessed by it as well.

Who Is Jesus?

There’s no denying we are a nation of people looking for help. Although we may try to seem put together on the outside, our book purchases alone point to a different reality: we are struggling, and we’re looking for help anywhere we can find it. “Self-help” is an entire industry in this nation that generates roughly $10 billion per year—and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you want to read about fixing broken relationships, living more healthily, making more money, or finding contentment, there’s a self-help book—or 50—out there for you. And if you are willing to spend the time and the money, there are myriad options for self-help conferences, webcasts, and personal coaching, along with the thousands of books you can read.

If we try to “help ourselves,” as the old adage says, we are actually moving away from the truest source of help—Christ himself.


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