Double Tragedy

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When someone harms others publicly, we see two parties: perpetrators and prey. We loathe the monsters and mourn the victims. And yet, to God all crimes are family tragedies. For all, victims and monsters, are his children. His…

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If this doesn’t clearly show the beauty and joy of heaven, I don’t know what does. God created us for love and joy. The signs are everywhere.

Selfie Dogs


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No Luck At All

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Oh, this was soooo convicting.

Bible-Science Guy

Last Friday was Friday the 13th. This is a day that fills many with anxiety and dread because they think Friday the 13th is “unlucky.”

Do you believe in luck?

Returning to my car one day after work with a colleague, I commented that I hoped I had remembered to turn off the headlights that rainy morning. He replied, “Let’s cross our fingers and maybe we’ll be lucky.” I couldn’t help answering, “How will crossing my fingers help?”

This man had a Ph.D. in mathematics! Did he really think this action would affect the state of my headlights several blocks away that had been determined 9 hours previously?

What does it mean to ascribe an unpleasant occurrence to “bad luck” or a happy occurrence to “good luck”? Isn’t the whole concept of luck a denial of the sovereign rule of the Almighty over all of life?

Our culture…

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Science in the Bible – Quarantine

This is very thought-provoking. I hope you will enjoy it.

Bible-Science Guy

(2 Minute Read)

The Black Death (including the form known as Bubonic Plague) peaked in Europe 1346-1353. Estimates of deaths in Eurasia range from 75 million to 200 million. Historians estimate the epidemic wiped out 45-60% of the population.

Quarantines could have helped limit the spread of this deadly disease, but except for the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, they were not used. Dubrovnik required a 40-day isolation before allowing people entry to the city. This 40-day period is the origin of the word quarantine, from the Italian meaning “forty days.”

Until the 1700s, many in science and medicine thought diseases like the Black Death were caused by poisonous air. Eventually scientists discovered that microbes spread disease from one person to another, and they realized it would be possible to contain disease with quarantines.

Centuries earlier, however, around 1500 BC, the Israelites under Moses practiced medical quarantine at…

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The Line of Despair

Another item the thought police won’t care for. But I hope you do. Please be sure to thank the author.

Mitch Teemley


I try to balance my posts between God stuff and other stuff. But, because of my passion to speak truth into people’s lives (including my own), God stuff tends to win. For me, all roads lead to God, not to Rome. Nevertheless…

Modern culture is taking the road to ancient Rome, toward two progressive beliefs: pantheism (everything is divine) and paganism (so take your pick). Conclusion: Life is a BYOG (bring your own god) party, and no god is any more valid than any other. The milestones on the road look like this:

  1. We’ve always allowed diversity, but now we “celebrate” it, affirming that all beliefs are equally valid.
  2. In doing so, we lose our former understanding of the distinction between rights and truths, i.e. that the right to believe something does not make it true.
  3. We denounce the “exclusionists” who disagree with this revised definition of diversity, labelling them

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Friends Who Are Honest — Orlando Espinosa

This is really good.


Surround yourself with real friends who will be honest, keep you humble and constantly motivated!

via Friends Who Are Honest — Orlando Espinosa

“There are very few honest friends–the demand is not particularly great.” -Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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Guest post – Beauty and the Actual Beast

How I wish all people could read this. This message will bless all who will heed its wisdom. Let us pray for God to bless the author! And the friend who asked the author to write it!

Song of Virginity

A big thank you to Brandon, from the blog Brandon J Adams – For millennials seeking the abundant life of Jesus graciously wrote a post for Song of Virginity – and without further ado:


Tale as old as time1105256_1345576304932_full
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast

There’s a tale old as time, all right, but not the Disney version. It’s a heartwrenching remake.
I’m watching it, again, at my workplace right now.
Guy and Girl get together. Girl becomes Mother Girl. Guy tries to stick around at first. Guy finds himself overwhelmed by Mother Girl’s and Baby’s needs. Guy gets noticed by Other Girl. Other Girl sidles up to Guy with sweet words that Mother Girl hasn’t had the energy to muster up for a while. Guy lets Other Girl linger just a bit. Mother Girl gets upset. Guy grins hunky grin, thinks Mother Girl is overreacting. Other Girl brazenly presses. Backtrack four sentences and repeat until Guy…

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