Whirled Views

Oh, no!  It’s a terrible misspelling!

Kids, get over here and help me out!  Is there a “Go Back” button?  Can you help me out of this mess?


Nevermind.  Maybe the misspelling will attract more readers.

As I was saying earlier, a world view is a basic way of viewing the world.  It is a lens that brings background details into focus, a catalyst that causes different unrelated components to work together, while concentrating their effects, an invisible filter of information, an interpreter of information that otherwise would not make sense.

To bring some sense out of this, let me give some examples of common world views:

On pets:

“If a cat finds itself in my own home by my invitation, it had better have the heart and temperament normally found in a dog.  Because I won’t let myself or my home be controlled by a selfish creature that demands endless worship and round-the-clock room service!”  (Sorry, cat lovers.  My current allergies, combined with those of other family members make this particular world-view one that will be very difficult to dislodge.)

On music:

When I was about two years old (after a lifetime of beautiful indoctrination), I discovered, to my great delight in church, that “the very best music in the world is acapella music!”  Whereas a church or other group might occasionally need to use musical instruments for one reason or another, this is merely a concession to either un-preparedness of the part of the singing group, or a deficiency in the singing quality able to be produced by said group.  Yes, I know that the worst music in the world is also acapella music when it is poorly performed.  But this is something that can and should be corrected.  (Can you see the prejudice that I have adopted and embraced here?)

My young dog’s view on mobility:

“Why walk when you can run, when you can run, when you can run even faster??  RUN!”  Until he gains about 10 years and joint problems starting creeping up on him, this is a world view to which he will cling strongly for a very long time.

My view of chocolate:

“There is only one kind of truly worthy chocolate in the world, and it is the dark variety.  I may eat other kinds.  But only under duress when the superior chocolate is not available.  When red chili is added to the dark chocolate, you have a treat that every living soul ought to love and enjoy.  If they don’t, that just leaves more for me.”

On driving:

“When I’m on the road, everyone else had better just get out of the way.  Cause I can’t waste time dawdling.  My time is too important for that!”  This world view is one that I often encounter daily when I am driving, and I often end up feeling angry and abused by strangers who see me as nothing more than an inconvenience in their backed-up schedule. If I could respectfully, without yelling (as I would like to) tell them that I feel that their driving is not a good example of what Jesus teaches about loving our neighbor, I certainly would.

On people who think differently than [ you fill in the blank ] :

“The only possible reason for their thinking as they do is that they are simply too [you fill in the blank] to think otherwise.  If they were more [ choose your opinion ], they would change their views in a heartbeat.”  This is a world view adopted both by atheists and other religious people, leaving very little room for calm discussion between opposing groups, and shutting out compassion for those who disagree.  This one often creeps up on us when we are paying attention to something else.

The world view I am mostly concerned with in my writings here:

“God meant everything He said in the Bible, and a person who takes God at His word can safely rely on Him.”

Based on the assumption (and all world views are based on some assumption or other) that God created the world in six literal days, over time I have returned to the young earth creationism I embraced and loved — still do! — as a very young child.

That doesn’t mean I expect you to embrace this world view.  (Although I do have to say that my views on pets and chocolate are perfect and won’t be changed in this lifetime!)

I’ll agree to allow you to respectfully present your world view to me, if you will extend the same courtesy to me.  Whereas I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say just because I say so (that would make you a robot, and a very boring one at that!), I also entertain no expectations that I can accept and unconditionally validate your world views just because you have adopted them into your heart.

For examples of poetry from a Christian, young-earth creationist worldview, you may go to my blog: mybetterpoems.wordpress.com


One Response to Whirled Views

  1. gwennonr says:

    Thank you so much for your kindly comments, Sir. (Another world view that I grew up with is that I don’t address men I am not related to by their first name. Embracing an angry, know-it-all cat would be easier. Oh, and I do know that not all cats are of the prickly, know-it-all variety. One time, during a delightful visit with my mama, a cat and I fell in love, and, if it hadn’t been for my husband’s and children’s allergies, I might have found myself bringing it home with me. Alas, why might have been!)

    Thank you so very much for validating my statement that we either believe all of the Bible, or none of it. I wish more Christians believed that.

    Blessings back at you. : )

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